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Top Dawg Electronics is one of the nation’s leading Consumer Electronics manufacturers and distributors of DVR Dash Cams, Mutli-Camera Trucker Systems, Backup Camera Systems, Bluetooth Headsets and Speakers, Body Cams, and other Consumer Electronics.


Top Dawg Electronics currently provides products and support to customers in all 50 states and Canada. While we have specialized in the Trucking and Heavy Duty industry since 2008, you can find high quality Top Dawg products in police, emergency and fleet industries as well as automotive retailers such as Autozone, big box retailers like Walmart (Canada) and many online retailers in the USA and Canada. Top Dawg has a long tradition of offering quality Camera System products, Body Cams, Backup Cams, DVR Dash Cam Products, new ELD's and more throughout various channels in the USA.  We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs.

Our broad range of services include offering new, more advanced models of our Camera Systems, and integrating existing units and creating advanced technology solutions that reach these various industries and consumers. We also were one of the first manufactures to offer a full line of DVR Dash Cams in 2012.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Top Dawg supports a loyal and expanding group of employees. We have the facilities and infrastructure to address large orders and the professional needs of our customers, as well as handle the personal needs of our individual customers.  Top Dawg believes in operating a business based on integrity and incredible customer service with a goal to make a positive impact in the community and allow this business and our life to become an example for God. Thanks for visiting Top Dawg Electronics and please contact us if you need anything.




 Top Dawg Electronics • 8403 Cross Park Dr., Ste 3G • Austin, TX 78754 • Toll Free: 866.258.5521

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