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Top Dawg Dash Cam

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Top Dawg Dash Cam

When an accident occurs, in most of the cases it’s not clear which of the parties are at fault. This creates a situation where both parties will claim tha it is not their fault. The only way to protect yourself and show the court and insurance companies out when happened is when one of the parties involved in the collision has a dash cam. A dash cam will record video with sound with time and date stamp. Then you can save this video to your computer and share this video to your insurance company when needed. Every car, truck and SUV on the road should have a dash cam, they are inexpensive and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if there was ever an accident. Police use it as evidence and to protect themselves from wrongful prosecution, Shouldn’t you.
The TD Dash Cam with built-in DVR, crystal clear audio & high-resolution 720x480 pixel screen and 30 frames per second recording. With the new TD Dash Cam you can easily record your driver's view OR interior view in real time with audio. Taxi, limousine, truck drivers, bus drivers & every day drivers can record everything that happens in the vehicle while driving with our dash cam in-car camera system.
The affordable TD dashboard camera is easy to install. Simply clip the dash cam in-car camera onto your visor and plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter. Great for capturing video of the driver's view or the interior of the vehicle. Dash cam videos are recorded on a micro SD card in AVI file format, for later playback on your PC, laptop or TV using the AV cable, or USB 2.0 Cable. Records up to 24-48 hours of continuous video/audio on a 32 GB micro SD card (TD Dash Cam includes a FREE 8 GB SD Card).
If you are looking for a high quality dash cam in car camera with DVR and audio, look no further! The TD Dash Cam is affordable and easy to use.

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