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ELD Electronic Logging Device

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We sell the ONE20F-ELD Product.  The Best ELD for Truckers!

This is an FMCSA Approved Model:

To see approved list, Click Here:  https://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/ELD/List



$189.99 is all you need to invest to have an easy to install, easy to use ELD with Logs you Control.

How do I know if the Top Dawg Electronics F-ELD is right for me?  Your answer is below……………

What is my TOTAL COST?  You simply pay once for the unit and that’s it.  No additional costs.  The Top Dawg Electronics F-ELD allows independent drivers and smaller fleets to avoid ongoing monthly fees required by most ELD vendors.  This pay one time process makes our F-ELD cheaper in the long run than most all other ELD devices currently available.

*Are there MONTHLY FEES?  There are NO MONTHLY FEES for individual Owner/Operators.  *A small fee of $5.00 per month will apply to fleets of 3 or more vehicles.  You already know how to complete RODS, why pay someone an additional Monthly Fee to manage these for you!  That’s what your ELD is supposed to do.

Is there a CONTRACT?  There are NO CONTRACTS to sign.  We provide everything you need FREE.  Free Monthly Service; Free F-ELD App; Free Access to Management Portal & FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE*.

Are there any hidden DOWNSTREAM COSTS?  There simply is nothing else to purchase once you have the F-ELD hardware.

Is the F-ELD FMCSA COMPLIANT?  Yes, the F-ELD was designed specifically for the ELD Mandate with you, the trucker in mind.



How does the F-ELD WORK?  The F-ELD connects to your Apple or Android device to electronically collect and store your vehicles data and your HOS logs.  Once you purchase the F-ELD, you can download the F-ELD APP for FREE.  Use the Free App to create, edit and certify your HOS logs.  See how much time is left on the cycle and shift clocks.  Performs all the functions as required by the ELD Mandate.


Do I need a DATA PLAN on my smartphone?  Yes, you must have a cellular data plan.  However, our app is designed to require the use of minimal data.  Typically use is less than 10 MB per month.

How SECURE is my smartphone if I have to show to law enforcement?  Your private information is very SECURE.  Your screen will be locked on the app so that DOT will only be able to view that information.  They will not be able to scroll through your phone.  In addition, the system will NOT display errors doing a roadside inspection.  You can also send data via email.



How does the F-ELD CONNECT to my vehicle? The F-ELD easily connects to your vehicle through your OBD Port with either a 9-pin port cable or a 6-pin cable.  This cable is INCLUDED with your purchase of the F-ELD.

How do I know WHICH CABLE I need?  See the chart below.


So, what all IS INCLUDED with the F-ELD?  Everything you need to operate your ELD is included:

  • ELD Truck Adapter
  • 9-pin Y Cable
  • 6-Pin Adapter (any trucks prior to 1996 should not order this F-ELD)
  • 3M™ Dual Lock™ Re-closable Fastener for dash mounting
  • Free access to the robust F-ELD app
  • Free access to the management portal: ONE20 Dashboard
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Owner’s Manual

How EASY TO USE is the F-ELD?  If you know how to do paper RODS, you can use the F-ELD Dashboard.  There will be a small learning curve as you first become familiar with the system.  But the system was designed to be easy to use and intuitive with you, the Trucker in mind.

Watch EASY TO USE F-ELD Managing Your Logs VIDEO:

What if I NEED HELP?  We have a 24/7 help line.  This is a US based help line located in Minnesota, not off-shore.  Available from 8AM to 5PM daily CST.  You can also contact us via Chat or E-mail.

Does the F-ELD have a WARRANTY?  Yes, The F-ELD includes a One (1) Year Warranty.

Should I PURCHASE NOW or WAIT until closer to when the Mandate goes into effect?  This is strictly your decision.  However, approximately 400,000+ drivers will be making this decision in the next several weeks.  Those who wait could possibly find the product of their choice to be out of stock as we get closer to the Mandate.  Getting your ELD now would allow you more time to become familiar with the system.  But whether you pay now or later, with the F-ELD it is just a ONE-TIME PURCHASE!

What is the FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE* you mentioned above?  Every driver who purchases an F-ELD will receive FREE Roadside Service as an added benefit.  This includes such benefits as Truck & Trailer Towing up to 25 Miles (if you have ever had this done, you know this is worth hundreds of $$$ alone), Tire Repair, Mobile Mechanic, Fuel Delivery, Lockout/Key Replacement; Jump Starts and much more!  Using any of these services just one time can easily repay the cost of your F-ELD.

Are more FEATURES COMING for the F-ELD?  Yes, based on your feedback, we are working to add several updates to our software that will make the F-ELD even more valuable and useful to drivers.  We are currently testing DVIR and this will be added before 12/2017.  We are also finalizing IFTA and this should be available in Q1/2018.  These updates are FREE will not involve any upgrade fees.

WHO is currently using the F-ELD system now?  Actually, fleets of all sizes, such as JB Hunt & CH Robinson, are using the F-ELD and hundreds of independent Owner/Operators.  Our customers like our easy to use, easy to install, one-time purchase with NO MONTHLY FEES, plus the Free Roadside Assistance.

S0, is the F-ELD right for you? If you are looking for an Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Fully Compliant ELD that is a One-Time Purchase with NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEES, own a smartphone or tablet with a cellular data plan and want to invest less than $200 in a Quality ELD, then the answer is YES!


Wait, what if I have MORE QUESTIONS? No problem.  Contact us at 512-251-8472 and we will be glad to personally answer any additional questions you may have to make sure the F-ELD is the right ELD for you.




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